Limkokwing and Misr University of Science And Technology (MUST) Set Global Partnership In Motion

By | October 15, 2018

Limkokwing and Misr University of Science And Technology (MUST) Set Global Partnership In Motion

A delegation from Misr University of Science & Technology (MUST) of Egypt visited Limkokwing University on 28 September 2018 as both institutions look to move forward on a student exchange programme that forms the first step in their global partnership.

MUST was represented by its Dean of Business Administration Faculty, Professor Dr. Mohammed Omar; Dean of Archaeology and Ancient Egyptian Faculty, Professor Dr. Omaima El Shal; Professor Dr. Ahmed Karim from the Faculty of Engineering; and the Faculty of Communication’s Assistant and Executive Director of Educational Activities Department Dr. Lamiaa Sameh.

The delegation met with Limkokwing Senior Vice Presidents, Dato Gail Phung and Dato Tiffanee Marie Lim to discuss details of the action plan under the MOU signed by both universities in May this year.

To further foster educational ties between Malaysia and Egypt, a student exchange programme will see students study for a semester abroad, in Malaysia and Egypt respectively, and receive credit with appropriate certification from both Universities.

Founder President, Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr Limkokwing, was warmly embraced by members of the MUST delegation when he made a brief appearance as the discussions were underway.

Limkokwing changes rules and opens minds

Professor Dr. Ahmed Karim described Limkokwing University as a ‘mini UN’ and said his colleagues were overwhelmed by the warm welcome they received.

“We discovered a great University. Limkokwing is not only educational, it changes the rules and also opens minds.”

The following week, the MUST delegation were again welcomed at the Cyberjaya campus for a tour to take a closer look at operations and were briefed by lecturers and team leaders from the various divisions of the Centre for Content Creation, Engineering Labs, MCP Studio and Fashion Studio.

Limkokwing University thrives to develop new partnerships with governments and organizations to drive its mission in empowering youth worldwide with 21st century skills and excel in a rapidly evolving world.

The University’s strong network of partners provides students with an unrivalled educational experience while equipping them with the right skill set to transform their countries’ economies.

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