Pink Ribbon Wellness Foundation Honour Tan Sri Limkokwing: “There Are Not Enough Words to Express Our Heartfelt Appreciation”

By | October 15, 2018

Pink Ribbon Wellness Foundation Honour Tan Sri Limkokwing: “There Are Not Enough Words to Express Our Heartfelt Appreciation”

Limkokwing University Founder President, Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr. Limkokwing, was honoured by the Pink Ribbon Wellness Foundation (PRWF) on 28 September 2018 for his contribution and support in educating and empowering women on breast healthcare and supporting cancer survivors lead a better life.

This is the mission of PRWF since its inception in 2012, and recently Limkokwing produced awareness campaign content including videos and an orginal song to ensure the success of the Foundation’s ‘Excellence in Breast Cancer Therapy and Support’ Conference held in Kuala Lumpur from 10 to 12 August 2018.

In recognition of Tan Sri Limkokwing’s support, the Foundation’s Patron, Puan Seri Maniseh Adam, led a PRWF delegation that visited the Cyberjaya campus to say thank you to the Founder President in person.

Puan Seri Maniseh said the support of Tan Sri Limkokwing and the University meant a lot to the Foundation, especially with so much effort and time invested in making the recent conference a success.

She was joined for the visit by Foundation Founder and Chairman, Dato’ Dr. Devanand Mangharam and Honorary CEO, Ms. Yong Lee Lee.

On behalf of the Foundation, Puan Seri Maniseh presented Tan Sri Limkokwing with a token of appreciation in the form of a plaque inscribed with kind words of appreciation.

“From the very touching performance by the Limkokwing Goodwill Ambassadors to the students volunteers, there are not enough words to express our heartfelt appreciation for all the support and contributions made,” she said.

She also thanked Tan Sri Limkokwing for the heartwarming awareness video which was a favourite among the conference participants.

Pink Ribbon as a Symbol of Hope for Malaysians

Tan Sri Limkokwing said the PRWF was a platform of encouragement and he emphasised that when people see the symbol of Pink Ribbon, they must see hope.

“You must become a national symbol of hope,” Tan Sri Limkokwing said while sharing his committment to work more closely with the Foundation in the fight against breast cancer.

Dato’ Dr. Devanand mentioned that the Foundation’s lack of social media presence was something that needed to be addressed, as it is a very important platform to effectively engage with the public.

“We hope to collaborate on something more digital in the future, and I believe with the type of creative talents that this University has, we can definitely produce wonders through social media,” he said.

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